Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Leather Flower Belt Tutorial

I've been inspired by belt week over at A Lemon Squeezy home!  I've never thought about making belts before but was really looking for something fun and different to inspire me.  I found it!  I'll be doing 2 belt tutorials this week.  It has been so much fun creating these!  The first one is this leather and jute belt and the 2nd is a copycat Anthropologie belt.  Both are super easy and I'm going to offer a give away for one of these fun belts next month.  Just in time for Christmas! 

I made this out of a placemat from Anthropologie that I've had forever.  I took the weaved jute apart and attached 2 strips together.  I've seen similiar trim at Joann Fabrics and Upholstery fabric stores but didn't have time to go on a hunt for something fun so I improvised.  I think almost anything would look great.  I was originally thinking about using a vintage scarf for the belt. 

I found the leather trim in my favorite sewing drawer.  It's the drawer full of odds and ends that I have found at garage sales and craft stores over the years.  It originally came from Joann Fabrics and is just a small piece of leather trim.  They still have them in serveral different shades of brown and it only cost about $2.50 if you have the 40% off coupon.  My inspiration for the flower came from Anthropologie's Fastened and knotted belt.   Here is the first belt tutorial.  I hope it will inspire you!

What you need:

  • 3.5" X 9.25" soft leather trim piece, or piece of scrap leather fabric  (I got mine at Joann Fabrics for $3.99)
  • Leather sewing needle (110/18)
  • Good Fabric Glue (I always use E-6000)
  • Trim or fabric strip for body of belt
  • Printed pattern pieces (open here)

First you will want to determine the length of your belt and cut the trim piece.  The belt loop will add about 4.5" to the length.

Step 1:  Cut out the pattern pieces and trace them onto the leather.  I used the rough side of the leather to get the raw hide look.  Make sure you have enough along the edge to cut a 1.5" wide strip the full length of the leather trim piece for the belt loop if using the leather shown here.  (see step 13)

Step 2:  Cut out your leather pattern pieces and tie a knot in the large piece.  You will need to play with it a little to get the right sides showing.

Step 3:  Put a baste stitch in the middle of the 2 smaller pieces, pull the 2 free ends tight and wrap the thread around the middle a few times.  You will want to use thread that matches the leather.  I used white for example only. 

Step 4:  Sew these together.  You will put one on top of the other making an X and stitch them together at the center.

Step 5:  Cut out 2 strips of leather 1" wide by the width of the end of your trim X 2 plus a 1/2" for seam allowance.  You will be finishing off the trim on both ends with these.

Step 6:  Fold 1 of the strips in half right sides together and sew 1/4" seam.  Place seam in the middle and fold open.  Press flat with your fingers. 

Step 7:  Sew down one side with 1/8" seam.

Step 8:  Turn right side out and push out corners.

Step 9:  Slide the trim fabric end inside the leather pocket you just created and sew 1/8" along bottom. 


Step 10:  Now you will attach your flower.  Start by sewing your X shaped flower peddles to the trim.  You will put the center of the X at the center of the finished leather trim.  Stitch back and forth about 4-5 stitches several times to make sure it's secure.

Step 11:  Glue your knotted flower peddle to the top. 

Step 12:  Now you will finish the opposite end.  Start by taking the 2nd strip of leather you cut earlier and sew ends right sides together with a 1/4" seam.    Place seam in the middle and fold open.  Press flat with your fingers. 

Step 13:  To make the loop you will cut a strip of leather 1.5" wide by 9" long.  I just went the full length of my leather trim piece from Joanne Fabrics.   Fold the strip in half and sew down side.

Step 14:  Stack ends together and place them inside the leather trim piece.  Sew along side 1/8".  It gets tricky because it is really thick!  My machine was able to do it but I had to use my hand wheel a few times to help it along.  You can also manually sew it by using your hand wheel if your machine is not tolerating it. 

Step 14:  Cut off excess fabric and flip the leather trim right side out.

Step 15:  Place trim fabric inside leather trim pocket and stitch 1/8". 

Celebrate!  Your belt is complete!

Please let me know if you have any questions and post photo's here flickr.
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  1. I LOVED this. Thus the reason you won 2nd place. After Katy from No Big Dill chooses her favorite patterns, I will email you and let you know which ones are left for you to choose two you like. You can email me at dillonandchristie (at) gmail (dot) com. Congrats!

  2. hey congrats! I just saw that you won 2nd place! Cool!

  3. Congrats on the belt win! I hopped over here this morning and loved reading about your sweet little Madeleine. What an inspiring story. Blessings to you and your family :)

  4. You are SO creative. I wish I had time to learn to sew. Maybe when Brady gets a little older. I do own a sewing machine...that's a start. :)

  5. I've in no way believed about making belts preceding to but was critically attempting to uncover some thing enjoyment and unique to inspire me.

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