Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rabbit Softie

Here is a peak at one of the Rabbit Softies I made using this pattern from Hop Skip Jump.  It turned out super cute!  It was also super easy!  The only tricky part was the dress which is something I created.  Making clothes that small always gets a little tricky and it didn't help that the fabric was super thin.  This one was for a special friends birthday.  I had to sneak it away when Madeline wasn't looking.  Don't worry, she's getting one soon! 

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Volcano Cake

We celebrated Nate's 6th birthday last week.  We decided this year to just spend time with family on his birthday and have 2 small celebrations with his friends on days that we would see them anyway.  We celebrated with our co-op friends at the park after co-op with cupcakes.  It was so nice to see his face light up as all of his friends sang happy birthday to him.  We also have a standing playdate with a few of my life long friends.  I hosted it at my house the week of Nate's birthday and the kids and I spent the day creating a fun party favor and a cake perfect for my little man.

For the party favors we took jewelry charms and stones and buried them in plaster of paris.  We used food tins for the mold and after they dried popped them out and put each child's name on it.  I put some wooden mallets and picks out and the kids had a great time digging out their buried treasure.  When they were finished I put out supplies so they could use their treasures to make a necklace or bracelet.

The cake was total last minute.  After the batter was mixed Nate requested a volcano cake.  I wasn't sure If my plan would work but it turned out great.  Would it win a cake decorating award?  Um, no....It did make me mom of the year though which is even better!  I let Nate put on the lava which was great fun and he finished it off with a box of sparkler candles. 

I turned a bundt pan upside down and lined the hole with parchment paper.  Look at the excitement on that face!

I recently read the Waldorf Parent Guide.  A friend loaned it to me and it was a good reminder of what a birthday celebration should be for our little ones.  A small celebration that is stress free so our children know we are excited to celebrate their special day and a party about friendship instead of presents.  This year we pulled that off perfectly!

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