Saturday, November 16, 2013

Making Memories

It has been awhile since I have taken the time to share our lives. Mostly do to a season of busyness but with some recent illness we have been able to slow and enjoy the fall season, our home, and each other on a more intimate level.

This summer as we finished our fireplace I was certain I would be going all out with fall decor. I enjoyed reading and viewing lots of other blogs with beautiful inspirations and was ready to run out and stock up but then something changed in me. I'm not sure if is just a side effect of life with young children and everything this home of ours requires or if it is something deeper but either way my heart changed. I no longer desired turning my home into something from a magazine but instead felt I needed to go outside and bring in what autumn in our area truly had to offer. I made the dried floral arrangements from my flower stash.

This change has been a theme with me lately. I originally purchased this English antique plate rack to decorate with items that would "decorate" our home. As you can see, now it's decorated with books and notes from my children. I couldn't love it more!

The kids have also started working on Christmas decorations and gifts. Nate made the Christmas tree ornament on his own and daddy and Mason made this cottage that will be decorated as a Christmas cottage and displayed in the house. This was all Mason's idea but I was so excited when I returned from errands and found what he made. I have the perfect vintage Christmas supplies to help him make this the Christmas cottage he is envisioning.

Aside from all that we continue to garden and harvest foods weekly. I'm anxiously awaiting my string beans, snap peas, and brocoli!

That's it for our life on a little urban homestead right now. Time together making memories......

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