Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Charlie Tunic for Her

Rae from Made by Rae recently released her super cute Charlie Tunic PDF sewing pattern.  It's a boys shirt but if you head over to her site you can see lots of girlie Charlie tunic dresses being made.  The boys refuse to wear anything but knit tees these days so I decided to make one for Madeline.  I love Rae's patterns!  If you are new to sewing she walks you through each step making it simple to create beautiful things while learning some sewing tricks and lingo.  If you have  been sewing for awhile her patterns are great because you can just print out the pattern and glance at the photos to see what comes next. 

I made a few changes to the Charlie Tunic pattern and created the ruffled shorts out of the bling denim I mentioned in This Post.  For the Charlie Tunic I shirred the sleeves, added some lace, gathered it a little just below the denim to give it some flare, and added a ruffle along the bottom.  I made the shorts by tracing an existing pair and adding ruffles.

I also made a head band to hold back her hair.  her hair is getting long and falls right in her eyes now but I can't bring myself to cut it. 

What do you think, does the Charlie Tunic work for girls?

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bling denim

Here are a few things I have been working on. I've been sewing up lots of fun stuff but haven't had the chance to blog about them. Hopefully a new surprise from my hubbie will help with that!

These shorts are made from some fabulous denim I found at Joannes. It has gold thread weaved in it that makes it look really nice. These are a part of an outfit that I will hopefully be able to finish and show you this weekend!



I've also been working on our container garden. It's the worst time of year to do it but I like to rescue the throw aways and half priced/half dead plants that are easy to find right now. You will never know they were rejects come this fall.

Gardenias, herbs, roses, succulents, ferns, and a African Violet in a tiny tea cup..... They are all my favorite.

And tonight after I finish up Madeline's shirt I will be working on an iPad tote out of theses napkins from Anthropologie. I wish there was a store that sold this fabric!

My wonderful husband surprised me with an iPad this week! Totally unexpected! What a good boy;) My VERY old computer is upstairs in the sewing room and I disappear a lot to coordinate the kids events, plan homeschool lessons, and blog. I think he was missing me;)

Now I need to know if anyone would like a tutorial for an ipad case. I enjoy writing them and sharing with you all but they are time consuming so let me know if your interested!

It will not be a flip and fold table top style because I like the hard back with smart top. I plan on making something padded for protection that can be tossed in my purse when I head out. Pin It

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Special Gift

Here is a special gift for a very special girl. 

The Dress is from the Gracie pattern by Sandi Henderson and the fabric is Girly Girl by Art Gallery Fabrics.  I usually don't make the ruffled mixed patterned type outfits but I had this pattern and the fabric so I thought I would step outside the box a little.  It turned out super cute.  I especially like how the polka dot sleeves give it a vintage look.  It turned out smaller than I anticipated so I'm hopeful it will fit this special little girl.  It's going to Madeline's half sister who I haven't seen since Madeline's adoption.

I love creating care packages!  It's stuffed full of fun stuff that we have come across while running errands.  Scrap book supplies, personalized hair brush, a diary, scripture book for girls, and lots of other girly girl items.  All to remind her how much we love her. 

Next stop the post office.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for her!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Made Beach Robe Ruffled Tutorial

So here is that mini tutorial I promised forever ago.  I'm so slow!  We actually ended up with the stomach flu which set us back a few days.  Yuke!  What is it with the stomach bug these days?  I remember when it was the "24 hour bug" now it seems to be never ending.  It took us 5 days to fully get over it!  I've noticed this reading other blogs as well.  It seems to knock us moms out cold these days!

So while I was recovering I started back into house project mode.  Mostly in the garden and I did a little make over on our porch floor. 

This is it before.

Here it is now.   Ahhhhh........

I used Quick crete concrete stain in (Colored Bridge).  It's a creamy taupe.  I originally chose Grayling which is a taupe gray but it turned out super gray and looked like an industrial garage.  I would avoid all shades of gray if you choose to do this! 

The process was super easy.  I washed off the porch, waited for it to dry, then I rolled on the stain.  It took 3 coats and each coat has to dry 24 hours.  It also took one can per coat to cover our porch floor which is about 300 square feet so it's more expensive than paint but it looks so nice and wipes clean alot better than paint.  It has a seal that keeps things on the surface which is great for all the morning coffee that gets spilled out there. 

I also keep finding these super tiny frogs while I'm gardening.  I can't get over how small they are!  I know I get a little dorky with the nature stuff but I can't help it.  I love the out doors and all of Gods amazing creations. 

Seriously, is that not the tiniest frog you ever seen!

Click the pic for the Ruffled Made Beach Robe tutorial.

I love that sweet face!

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Friday, July 8, 2011


One of our family traditions is to go out of town for the 4th.  This year we decided to stay home and put the money into some much needed house projects.  Tony still took off work and we have spent the past week enjoying our "stay-cation".  We have had family and friends over, fireworks, festive food, swimming, boating, fishing, antique and thrift shopping, and we have been eating really well with our fresh catch from the river.

It's shrimp season.  I can't believe my picky little eaters have been eating these up!  The hubby has been sauteing them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and the kids can't get enough!

Cocanut Cake from Barefoot Contessa recipe.  I love her!  This cake is amazing and easy to make.  It's also a show stopper if your looking to impress your quests.

This was a bad idea!  Small ashes ended up all over the top of the cake....  It was still yummy. 

Afternoon rain storms to cool us off.

Watching the fireworks from the dock.

Fresh flouder.

Red Fish.

Little antiqe rocker I found while thrifting. 

Now it's time to sneak in a little sewing while the weather is rainy.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

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