Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Studio Make-over

Ok, my title is a little deceptive.  It's more like studio MESS! 

We are in the process of making over my studio and, believe it or not, this is an improvement!  Originally it had yellowed popcorn ceiling, a dated fan, and a large closet in the right hand side of the room.  I can't seem to find any before pictures however.


getting close to being done

Still sewing, even in the mess

Today the closet was removed and the floors repaired.  Next week Tony and I will be painting and adding custom trim work throughout the room to give it that cottage feel that I love so much.  I have lots of design ideas for this room and a collection of artwork that was my mothers that I'm dying to hang!

This is a shot from the loft looking in.  My poor piano has become a dumping ground for all things crafty.  This loft will be getting a makeover soon too.  New banaster, new flooring, wood plank ceiling, wood tread stairs, new ceiling beams, and a custome reading nook in the dormer window that is to the left of the piano.

My new cutting table!!!!

I know it's a complete mess but if you look closely you can see some potential.....can't you?

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christmas Ideas and Busy Boys

I can't believe that I'm using the title "Christmas Ideas" in June!  I'm usually sewing and knitting up a storm for Christmas starting somewhere around December 1st.  This year I was feeling inspired to start early so I can spend the holiday months enjoying the other wonderful blessings of the season. 

This is what sits on my sofa all day waiting for me to steal a few moments of quiet time.  I love to see these things.  Just the site of them brings me warmth and comfort so I decided it was the perfect gift for those I love.  Prayer shawls, a journal with custom journal cover from this journal cover tutorial I created, and one of my favorite go to books when I'm craving Gods word and prayer but don't have a lot of time. 

While I spent my morning enjoying a little quiet time, the boys, daddy included, were busy outside working on their own projects.  My husband has discovered over the past year that he really enjoys birds, this makes me fall in love with him all over again, and is always busy creating bird feeders and houses to attract new species to the yard. 

The boys stay busy creating their own bird houses and feeders as well while daddy works........Do you see the robot face on Mason's bird thingy?  I can't believe my just turned 4 year old made that!  Daddy added the rope and tightend up the screws to avoid injury but Mason came up with the design and put the pieces together on his own.  Nate made a simple but sweet house for his feathered friends.

This last picture I just had to throw in because it brings PEACE to my heart.  I have those kids who love to roll in the grass, lay and read in the grass, wrestle in the grass......I could go on but you get the point, and we had a chemically treated lawn for many years.  We have however gone green and now have a chemical free, organic lawn!  Yes, that beautifully green, weed free lawn you see in the picture covers over 2 acres of our backyard and is completely chemical free!  I just wanted to share that with you so you know it can be done.


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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ok, I'm so late in the game with pinterest!  I started pinning awhile ago but it has been very low on my list of priorities.  With the new school year coming up I have been busy pinning all sorts of resources to match up with our Classical Conversations grammar memory work and some other favorite sewing, knitting, and house decor finds.  I also fixed the link for the Clasp Clutch Purse Pattern. 

Just click on the links below to view my boards. 

I love this front porch!Knitted shaw. This is so beautiful!  I want one for myself!Country garden

Love this skirt!Fine arts project for shapes with oil. Week 1.I love this idea!!

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