Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tee for Two romper for the girl

I couldn't resist making one of these for Madeline.  The one I made for my friends little boy and posted about here just looked so cute and comfy.  I was also curious how they would look on.  I'm totally pleased! 

The last one I made was a little tight on Madeline so I increased the pattern size a bit and it fits her perfect. It is also super easy to get on with the snaps and stretchy neck and since she is trying to crawl it should protect those precious knees without making her hot.  I know it's only February but it's already in the mid 70's here!   

That wallpaper in the back is fishing lures.  YUK!  Good thing the camera blurred them out! 

I'm not sure who makes this fabric.  I can find out if you like.  I purchased it at the only fabric store in our area and didn't think to get the name but I will be going back soon I'm sure;)  I made the little knit flowers because when I was finished with the romper is looked like a really bad 70's costume!  I should have taken a picture!  It's amazing what 3 little flowers can do.

And of course she needed one for her hair!

So am I horrible for letting her play in the leaves?  I just couldn't resist.  Pin It

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make-Up Bag

Here is a make-up bag that I whipped up for my sister-in-law while she was here visiting.  If you are looking to make a make-up bag this one is easy and looks really cute in person.  I found the tutorial over at Liesl Made.  You should check out the one she made.  It is too cute with the ticking fabric and I just LOVE her name!  It's so different and pretty!

I added an applique butterfly because my sister-in-law loves butterflies.  I found the pattern for the applique over at  Nutmeg Designs

I messed up the zipper a little.  I lost my zipper foot and only had invisiable zippers so I couldn't get close enough to give it a clean stitch.  It was just for fun anyway and my sis didn't seem to mind.  I also used fusiable fleese instead of interfacing which gave it a softer look.  The fabric is a cordoroay and I'm not sure who makes it.  The straps are a rope trim from Joanne's. 

It's so nice to be able to enjoy the talents of other women!  Thanks ladies for helping me create a great and quick gift for someone I love! 

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tee for Two Turned Romper

Remember the Tee for Two pattern by Figgy's? 

I did a post about one I made for Nate here.  I had some of the knit skull fabric left over from that project so I decided to try and turn the tee into a romper as a baby gift for a friends little boy.  I will be making this my go to baby boy gift from now on!  It's so easy to make!

I used one of Madeline's long pant rompers to make the pattern and I used the 12 month tee for two pattern size for the top.  It will barely fit Madeline who is a healthy 5 month old so I would say this would best fit a 3-4 month old.  The tee for two pattern runs a little small anyway.  I love the flare in the pant legs.  How hip is my friends little boy going to look sporting this outfit!

I added snaps around the legs to make diaper changing easy and the neck on these shirts is super stretchy so there was no need for any alterations of the top.  I think the best part is this is a raw-edged raglan so the seams are on the outside and there is no finishing required on the cuffs.  It makes this look super hip, super comfy, and saves LOTS of time!  

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrinkle release recipe tutorial

I wanted to share something wonderful that my mother taught me when she was alive.  She was a domestic diva.  A beautiful women that lived for family traditions and home making.  When I was in collage, long before the magic Downy wrinkle release came on the market, she taught me how to avoid having to ever use the iron by this simple little recipe.

Wrinkle release recipe:

1 Tablespoon liquid fabric softener
14 oz water

That's it!

I actually forgot all about this formula until I bought Downy's version at the store and when it ran out I couldn't bring myself to spend another $4.00 on a small bottle.  I like to use lots of this wonderful stuff and avoid ironing completely!  That's when I remembered my mother's words.  If only I would have had the insight to take note of all the other amazing things that lived in her head.  She was also an artist and I have a beautiful collection of art work from her and some of her friends that I will show you soon.  I haven't picked the perfect spot in our new home to put them up yet.

So here is a pile of new fabric that I hope will soon be a simple but super comfy quilt!

It's more Amy Butler fabric and the teal is actually a thick knit with chenille!  It's awesome!  I use very earth tone colors in my house and love all of our beds to be in white.  Boring but beautiful.  I'm hoping this will turn out to be a very cottage feeling quilt that I can put at the end of the bed to add a pop of color.  I have a few ideas.  I just hope they work out!  This is our guest bedroom bed. 

My brother in law and his wife are coming tomorrow and I'm so excited to spend time with them!  The rooms not done but my wonderful mother in law offered to paint the room and I splurged on some new Rachel Ashwell Shabby chic bedding from Target.  I actually saw this bedding in this months Country Living magazine and it was $90.00 for the set which I thought was very reasonable considering how great it looks!  I need to use some of that magic wrinkle release on it however.  I did get out a lot of the wrinkles but the kids couldn't resist jumping on the freshly made bed.  The new wall color is Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore.  It looks a lot darker in this photo than in person because the lighting was bad.  It's a very pale taupe and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!  My mother in law is the best!  

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diaper clutch and changing sheet

These are so useful!  I don't carry a diaper bag just a big purse and I have been wanting to make one of these since Madeline was born.  I finally did it!  These are so easy to make and would make a great gift for a new mom.  There is a tutorial over at Diary of a Quilter for one that is similar. 

The fabric is Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner and the lining is Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler.  Both of those ladies Rock!  They have such beautiful designs!  I also made a changing sheet from laminated fabric.  I wanted something that I didn't have to machine wash but could just wipe down.

I wish I could effort to buy tons of this laminated fabric and make all kinds of things!  I would love to make some table cloths, place mats, splat mats, lunch bags, picnic blankets.  The possibilities are endless!  You can find this fabric on the Internet by searching for laminated fabrics.  There are some beautiful ones available now. 

I'm going on a search for some laminated fabric on sale right now!  I will let you know if I find any good deals out there! Pin It

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Decoupage for the boy finished

Are recovery has been slow but we are still enjoying the precious moments.

Here are some photos of the decoupage letters in the boys room.  The boys love them!  I'm not sure if it's because I made them or because they are letters and letters are fun to my little guys right now.  Either way they are a hit so I can't complain. 

The nebulizer is getting a good workout in our house right now.  Luckily they think that's fun too!

It does seem to be having some bizarre side effects however. 

And Madeline started eating big girl food. 

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bear in Pillow

I'm still not sewing.  I ended up with strep, the flu, and now bronchitis.  Yikes!  My wonderful hubby has stayed home so I've gotten lots of sleep and I'm optimistic that I will be back to normal soon.  I do have the cutest little bear in a pillow to show you!

This was a thank you gift from Grace over at Pottery quilts.  It is super soft and I love the shape of the cute little bear.  Her drawing describing where the bear goes was too funny. 

As you can see Madeline loves it!  Thanks again Grace!

I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying 2011 so far!
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Retro Romper

Hi!  Sorry I'm off to a slow start this year!  The move has made the boys a little needy so sewing has been on the back burner while I get them settled in their new home.  I am however working on a romper for a friend who just had a precious baby boy and when I was unpacking found this one that I made for Mason awhile back.

This is a Kwik Sew pattern that I found at  It took me forever to find this type of romper pattern.  I had bought a few of these same type of rompers on clearance for Nate when Pottery barn kids was selling baby clothes and fell in love with them!  I was so happy to find this pattern and it has been put to good use in our house.  They are great for potty training!  These photos tug at my heart!  He looks like such a baby! 

The pattern offers an option of adding the trim panels and 2 front pockets.  I love these details.  I think it is was gives this romper the retro look.  I also top stitched in a contrast color so the details stand out. 


He has almost outgrown this yellow one. This photo was taken over the summer and now he looks to much like a big boy to pull off this look anymore:(  You can't see it very well but with this one a added wooden buttons and top stitched with brown thread. 

I also made this one with long pants.

If you are looking for a good romper pattern this is the one!

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