Saturday, November 22, 2014

Garden Fairy Costume

I finally found a few minutes to edit some photos from Halloween.  I'm in love with these pictures of my beautiful garden fairy princess!  This year I needed a little sewing therapy so I went all out for Madeline's costume.  She really had no preference on what she wanted to dress up as so I took advantage of what could possibly be the last time she doesn't have an opinion on the matter.


The dress pattern is from this Simplicity pattern.  I can't give a review on this pattern because I only used it for the bodice and sleeves.  This was a night before Halloween project and reading through a pattern would have added too much extra time.  I created the tulle skirt by cutting long strips of tulle and serging the edges with a rounded edge.  The fabric is duponi silk, a BIG splurge, but it was totally worth it to get these photos of my beautiful daughter.  The shoes and wings came from the second hand store and the flowers I found at a thrift store.  The shoes are sweet pink jellies with a large flower glued to the top. 


The boys created their own costumes.  They picked out everything they needed at the thrift store.  Although they are a scary scarecrow and headless scarecrow, I love their innocence in this costume choice.  They are actually No Noggin and Noggin after he got his head back from Curious George's Halloween Story. 

Precious memories with these little treasures the Lord has blessed me to raise! Pin It