Thursday, August 23, 2012

Living Room Make over phase 1

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We finally started the living room make-over. I posted what we plan to do here. My husband is such a catch! He is not only doing the work but he's doing it to my standards. This means lots of extra details like patching walls where cable jacks and phone jacks existed. Not to mention it will have 20 framed out boxes with interior cove molding when it's finished. The fireplace and built-ins make over is next. I chose this mantel which I'm super excited about.

It is seriously embarrassing how dirty these walls are!
So Long 1980's intercom system!
There is a long way to go but we are getting there one step at a time. 

The kids have been staying busy with their own projects.  It's been raining daily here so they have made a rain protected home for the ducklings and chicks.  There is no way the roof is coming off that little house!  We are however going to need to go buy more nails.  I have a front porch filled with these little houses and other creations that only little boys could think up. 
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