Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little French Dress

I love all the sweet little french sewing patterns that I find on the Internet but I can't read French and they are expensive!  I have had the idea of creating a little clothing line for both Madeline and the boys that is French inspired for awhile and finally found a few minutes to whip up a rough draft of a dress.  This needs lots of work!  The sleeves need reworking, the front bodice is a little wonky, and it sort of looks like a mini moomoo but if you close one eye and use your imagination you can see it has potential.  I also made this out of a very unflattering stiff linen which is not adding any charm.  The nice thing about this dress is that it is an easy sew and when it's finished will be super cute and easy to personalize. 

Back to the drawing board..........Happy Sewing! 

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