Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Growing potatoes vertically

I had great success growing potatoes last year but they are hard to manage in an edible landscape where plants are planted close together.  This year I've decided to grow most of our potatoes vertically to avoid having the plants take up too much space and to make harvesting more simple.

I chose this antique wagon from Vietnam to grow Yukon Gold.  I purchased this wagon about 7 years ago at an antique fair and it has been a favorite garden piece of mine ever since.  I used linen burlap for the lining and made the bag by tracing the inside of the wagon onto the fabric and sewing it together.  It is attached to the top with staples.

Growing potatoes vertically is simple.  You will want to make sure you have good drainage in what ever container you choose.  Start by adding 6" of compost or good quality soil.  Next you will want to cut up an already sprouting potato trying to get 2 or more sprouts per cut if possible, I keep potatoes in the kitchen drawer to sprout.  Place potato pieces sprouting side up and cover with another 6" of compost.  As the plant breaks through the top of the soil you are going to add another 6" of soil to the top.  Continue this process of adding soil every time plant growth breaks through until the soil reaches the top.  At that point you enjoy watching the beautiful green foliage as it grows and blooms. Harvest when greens start to die back long after the plant flowers.

Here is one we harvested for Easter.  I harvested early so I could get another batch started.  I just couldn't resist!  Pin It


  1. I love your little potato wagon! I have a few old garbage cans ready to try potatoes in but they are not pretty and I will have to hide them in the backyard. Now you have my brain storming for an idea to do something like this...

    P.S. Did you get my reply to your comment on my blog? So glad you stopped by!

  2. I did! I love your blog! What a beautiful family and story.

  3. I am GOING to start potatoes this week! Well, as soon as I have all the supplies... I think I need to go buy a couple organic potatoes to let sit and go to seed first.... ?? I have some "regular" ones.. but we want to go organic as much as possible.
    I am also going to do this vertical planting.. I looked on Pinterest and saw SO many ideas! Brilliant!
    Thanks for making your blog.. I am reading a lot! and learning!


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