Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Homeschool Days

This is a pellet from a bird and we found a mouse skeleton when we opened it.
Summer months are some of my favorite learning at home months.  All the extra activities that take us out of the house have ended and I find that there are many hours in the day to do the things we need to do and want to do.  Nature study is always a great start to our mornings.

We started Spanish using La Clasa Divertida which is proving to be a really fun curriculum for all of us to use together.  It came with crafts to do after each lesson which I thought was a bit cheesy but the boys have been really enjoying them and they are able to do them on their own.  I use this busy time to play Maestro Classics and audio books as background entertainment. 

The house is a beautiful mess of books, puzzles, crafts, and small treasures collected from outside and our days are spent moving around all corners of this home working our way through different subjects together. 

A friend gave the analogy that homeschooling is like a faucet that drips.  If you place a bucket under it the water will fill slowly but will eventually overflow.  That's how we are spending our summer together.  Reading lots of books, playing with numbers, practicing music, exploring God's creation, depositing knowledge and love into each other one drip at a time.  Pin It

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  1. Hello,

    I found you on the DudeSustainable Blog hop. I am also a homeschooling Mom, and I love to connect with other homeschoolers. I love learning about new things, new curriculum and other ideas! Thank you.

    Also, of course the picture of your son with the violin caught my eye. My daughter is taking violin lessons and loves it! It's so nice to connect with other families playing music and learning creatively!

    I love the pictures of the chickens.

    I look forward to staying connected.



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