Thursday, June 9, 2011

Knitting tote

The latest knitting projects inspired me to create a new knitting tote.  I'm glad the knitting got me out of my sewing funk!  I forgot how much I enjoyed knitting.  I think the best part is I'm stopping during the day and actually sitting down for change.  It's like breastfeeding!  The only time you sit is to nurse and when you finally do sit it is such a joy!

I've been using this tote bag that I made following Martha Stewarts Bias-tape tote tutorial.  I made this bag 2 years ago and totally botched it!  For some reason I didn't stitch up the bottom of the back 2 pockets so I ended up with these super deep pockets that were useless for most items.  Then, we headed out of town and I needed a bag for my knitting supplies in the car and, what do you know, those pockets were perfect for knitting needles.  My knitting projects have sat unfinished in this bag ever since. 

Martha's bag

I should not have showed you a picture of my sad little bag next to Martha's perfect totes!

Now that I'm toting the knitting supplies around again I wanted something a little more my style.  We have a thrift store down the street that I stop in every chance I get and lately I keep finding these crochet curtain panels.  I LOVE crochet and lace so I buy them every time.  For $.25 they are hard to pass up!  I cut off the crochet and used it as trim on the new knitting tote.

The patterned fabric is Arcadia by Moda and the off white is the rest of the curtain.  I added a little quilt stitch across the front to hide the panel seams. 

So here is what goes in my knitting tote.  It sits by the sofa when I'm home and is ready to go when we head to the park.  I like how the tote has lots of room inside for larger knitting projects and can easily hold 6 balls of yarn. 

Happy knitting;)
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  1. very cute! although I liked the other one you did as well! I've never gotten into knitting, because I can't think of anything I'd really want to make! I'm not a hat or a scarf person...


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