Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sarah Jane Fabric

Have you seen Sarah Jane's new Children at Play fabric line?  It is absolutely amazing! 

Sarah Jane's artwork is so cute!  I've been daydreaming of decorating Madeline's room with some of her prints for awhile.  When I saw her new fabric line I could barely control myself!  It's suppose to be on the market in 4-6 weeks and is being created by Micheal Miller. 

Check out her booth at the Quilt Fair.

I have got to figure out how to make those fabric airplanes!  You can see more photos here and see more of her beautiful work. 

My plan is to use some of the "over the fence" and "after school" fabrics to finish the boys room.  A few months ago I decided to sell all of their Pottery Barn Kids furniture and started over with a more realistic design with furniture from Ikea and the antique market down the street.  I have to admit it was a tough decision!  It was such a cute set and The Pottery Barn collection definetly looked more "model home" but the boys didn't use it and it took up a lot of floor space.  Their new room is eclectic and practical and I love it!  It's decorated to accomidate real life which we do a lot of in our home.  Here's a picture of the old unit. 

I'm in a total sewing funk so I can't promise any free tutorials this week!  Everything I make lately turns out BAD and the simple things I've been sewing up that I've done in the past with ease are taking me forever!  It's really frustrating because my brain keeps telling me I should be able to make all of our clothing by hand. Silly brain!  I think it's time to bust out the knitting needles for a few days and give the sewing brain a rest. 

What do you think of Sarah's new line?

I hope things are wonderful in your part of the world!  Pin It

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