Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bling denim

Here are a few things I have been working on. I've been sewing up lots of fun stuff but haven't had the chance to blog about them. Hopefully a new surprise from my hubbie will help with that!

These shorts are made from some fabulous denim I found at Joannes. It has gold thread weaved in it that makes it look really nice. These are a part of an outfit that I will hopefully be able to finish and show you this weekend!



I've also been working on our container garden. It's the worst time of year to do it but I like to rescue the throw aways and half priced/half dead plants that are easy to find right now. You will never know they were rejects come this fall.

Gardenias, herbs, roses, succulents, ferns, and a African Violet in a tiny tea cup..... They are all my favorite.

And tonight after I finish up Madeline's shirt I will be working on an iPad tote out of theses napkins from Anthropologie. I wish there was a store that sold this fabric!

My wonderful husband surprised me with an iPad this week! Totally unexpected! What a good boy;) My VERY old computer is upstairs in the sewing room and I disappear a lot to coordinate the kids events, plan homeschool lessons, and blog. I think he was missing me;)

Now I need to know if anyone would like a tutorial for an ipad case. I enjoy writing them and sharing with you all but they are time consuming so let me know if your interested!

It will not be a flip and fold table top style because I like the hard back with smart top. I plan on making something padded for protection that can be tossed in my purse when I head out. Pin It

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