Monday, August 1, 2011

Anthropologie Rediscovered Flatware "A mini Tutorial".

This weekend I was browsing the online Anthropologie catalog and was so excited to see their new Rediscovered Flatware!

I was excited to find this because I have been collecting vintage silver and silver plated flatware for awhile now. That means my idea is in style! Yea! I started collecting several months ago after I became feed up with replacing full sets because we would loose most of the forks. I was also never able to find a set that wasn't bulky and heavy. I had a few vintage silver forks in our drawer from my childhood that I loved because they were light and thin and had sharp tips which made eating much more enjoyable so I decided that was the way to go.  I originally went looking for a full matching set for our every day use but the cost was too high.  That's when I decided to mix it up!  It's a lot more fun to collect them that way and a drawer full of silver makes hosting Holiday dinners and showers breeze.  It's a show stopper when set up at the table! 

These actually look very light and silver in person like Anthropologie's.  I just couldn't get a good photo.

I care for my silver by throwing it in the dishwasher and then tossing it back in the drawer. 

My only concern was how the hubby was going to respond when I finally replaced all the "old" flatware with "older" flatware. I started slow because it took me awhile to find enough to supply our needs. I began to notice however that he started to choose the vintage over the modern flatware. At first I thought it was because that was all that was clean but it turns out he appreciates the functionality of vintage flatware as much as I do.

If your interested in starting your own collection keep a look out at thrift shoppes, antique markets, and garage sales. The odd pieces are usually a really great price! Buy a bottle of Tarn-X from your local grocer, find a container you can fully submerge your silver in, get some disposable tongs and a pair of gloves, dunk, wipe, wash and your done!

Anthro's cost $36.00 plus shipping. My cost with the Tarnex is about $10.00 per 5 piece set.

Anyone else a lover of vintage silver?  Oh, and Antropologie too?

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  1. I love this... and your pieces are gorgeous, I think I may hunt for my own as the reviews for the anthro pieces aren't too great.

  2. As a silver restoration, conservation, and preservationst, I can say with certainty that Tarn-X will absolutely ruin your silver. Read all about its destructive qualities here:


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