Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family tradition

Sorry it's been so long! Things are so busy and I've been too wiped out at the days end to share any of it with you. I have been planning our homeschool year. Even though we have been doing school, it's been selective because we have had so much going on. We plan to be back to full time starting September 5th. I have also been working on putting together our homeschool library. The carpenter comes Monday so that should be ready to show you next week. I'm so excited about it! The room is turning out beautiful! It will be filled with as many bookcases as I can fit, a family game table, some super comfy reading chairs, and some bean bag chairs so the kids can lounge during reading time.

We also celebrated Madeline's first birthday. Her party is not until this weekend but I did take her on her birthday to a very special place. When I was young my mother would take me to the doll shop and let me pick out a special doll. It was such a nice treat and I still have those special dolls. I decided to start this tradition with Madeline. Every year on her birthday we will go to the doll shop and let her pick out a doll. I think family traditions are so important!

Here she is at the doll shop. 

I found the Pottery Barn Kids Pram at consignment. Score!

Now it's time to start building bookcases and planning her party. We will also be celebrating my fathers birthday this weekend and will have lots of family visiting. God is so good!

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