Monday, January 30, 2012

pdf sewing patterns

My camera is still on the fritz so I thought I would share with you some of the great PDF sewing patterns I'm working on right now.  I'm getting a head start for Easter with this pattern from Hop Skip Jump.  I'm also working on her Poppy Doll Pattern.  I couldn't resist buying this one.  It was just too cute!!

Image of PDF Sewing Pattern - Jack Rabbit

Image of PDF Sewing Pattern - Poppy Doll

Fiona is so tallented. She has a book out that I'm just dying to purchase that would be inspiration overload!  So long China made toys!  Presents will be extra special this year for our friends and family!

I also just purchased these two great patterns from Oliver + S.  They have made their out of print patterns digital! 

I'm so happy about this!  I love Oliver + S designs but avoid buying them most of the time because I don't like to have to pattern trace.  I know that sounds terrible lazy but I would rather create something from scratch than deal with pattern paper!  Being able to hit print and cut out my pattern has made my week! 

paper doll model

paper doll model

Here is a picture of Madeline in the last Oliver + S pattern I used and I will have lots of new pics to show you soon.

Happy Sewing:)

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  1. Hi Steffanie, thanks for the lovely write up! Looking forward to seeing your finished bunnies. x Fiona


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