Monday, January 23, 2012


We have been super busy planting, sewing, and homeschooling. It feels like Spring here right now so we have been taking advantage of it and getting a early start with our planting. We planted a Florida Peach Tree, Weeping Willow, 2 Oak leaf  Hydrangeas, 6 Nikko Blue Hydrangeas, and 40 ground cover jasmine. I'm also working on Madeline's new wardrobe and a tutorial for you. I can't show you pictures because I somehow managed to loose my memory card. I keep hopping it will turn up and have been putting off buying a new one but I think it's time to face the fact that it's gone.

Our biggest adventure this week is going to be the purchase of these cute guys!  I know what your thinking....  Don't get rabbits!  Everyone has warned me they are not ideal pets but I can't resist a challenge.  They will live outside so we won't have to deal with the mess and they offer a huge benefit to the garden with their waste.  There is no need to compost rabbit poop.  You can just spread it in the garden daily.  It's actually Nate's birthday present.  He is turning six in a few days. 

We found this great chicken coop/ rabbit hutch on ebay.  It was a great price for what it has to offer and will give them a safe place to sleep at night.  They will have a run for daytime play.  The boys are really going to enjoy building this with daddy as well. 

I can't believe my baby is turning 6.  He's such a cool kid and I love spending time with my guy!  He thinks the rabbits are his only gift but I'm surprising him with these great finds.  He loves this kind of stuff!

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Pocket Volcano

Magnet Science Pin It


  1. Good luck to you! My cousins had them growing up and they were so cute but always biting. Ugh! Keep us posted.

  2. I heard about the biting too and was nervous about that. We ended up driving 5 hours to get our 2 bunnies because the ones we were finding were not good with kids. These came from a homeschool family that breeds for hobby. They are so sweet and she said she has never been bite in 10 years. They have been sitting with us and even the baby has been handling them without any problems. Hopefully they will stay sweet! We will be giving them lots of love to make sure they do! I will keep you posted.


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