Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gauze Dress with Crochet

Here is one of Madeline's new dresses.  This dress was so easy to make and turned out beautiful.  The fabric is a double gauze Japanese fabric.  I had ordered a quarter cut a couple years back to see if I liked it for another project and it has been patiently waiting to be turned into something beautiful ever since. 

The fabric has a nice frayed edge so there was no need to finish the hem and it shirred up perfectly.  To add the sleeves I just cut off the sides at an angle.  I had read somewhere that you just cut right through the shirring.  I have to admit I had little faith and held my breath as I cut but it worked fine.  I did end up finishing the cut edge with a tight zig zag stitch to make it more durable for my busy little baby. 

The sleeves are made from a doilie I found at the thrift store with some bias binding along the cut edge.

And here is my sweet girl playing with one of our newest pets. 

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