Monday, March 5, 2012

Rabbit update and happenings

I thought I would give you a quick update on the rabbits.  They are the perfect addition to our little family.  We ended up getting 2 Holland Lops, hopefully both girls, and we set up a little outdoor rabbit hutch and run. 

It's under the orange trees so they are protected from Hawks and the cats have be-friended them and keep a close eye on them during the day.  The original plan was to let them out when we were outside to get some fresh air but now we just open the cage in the morning and lock them back up before bed.  We have even forgot to lock up the doors at night and have had no problems with predators.  Our cats sleep outside on the porch close to the cage and the female has really bonded with them.

Diesel goes in everyday and plays with the bunnies.  She also naps with them.  It's really bizarre to see a cat and two bunnies snuggled up enjoying the afternoon together.

The cage ended up being a lot smaller than I originally thought but it's working out great.  We lifted up the bottom with pavers and I was able to slide a metal tray underneath to catch their waste.  It makes for very easy cleanup and I can just toss it in the garden for compost.  We have also had no problem with bunny biting or aggression.  They are handled by lots of kids during the week and they are gentle and sweet. 

We also found another baby turtle in the pool, picked a giant grapefruit, and gave baby girl a super cute, and much easier to manage, haircut. 

OK, better photos of the haircut coming soon:/ Pin It


  1. We got a rabbit too! But ours is an angora and is inside. The ultimate crafting pet.

    1. I love the Angora rabbits! They are sooo cute!

  2. Oh, LOVE Madeline's new haircut- she looks so cute! A little girl, not a baby anymore!

    The bunnies look so fun- we'll have to come see sometimes soon!


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