Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chicken Coop

I went out of town this past weekend on a moms retreat, more on that amazing time later, and Tony and the kids stayed home to make a coop for our baby and adolescent chicks.  I was expecting a wooden box since it is just a temporary housing coop.

I came home to this!  How amazing are my man and my kids! 

I still can't get over all the details like the kids hand prints, hen plaque, and window shelf.  Just painted would have been impressive to me.  Now I need to garden around it to live up to what they created. 

I love my Henny Pennies and will cherish this special coop that my family created them even if Madeline doesn't.......heehee

Happy Building!

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  1. How gorgeous! What a great weekend for you! I wish our chickens housing looked half as good.


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