Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Studio Make-over

Ok, my title is a little deceptive.  It's more like studio MESS! 

We are in the process of making over my studio and, believe it or not, this is an improvement!  Originally it had yellowed popcorn ceiling, a dated fan, and a large closet in the right hand side of the room.  I can't seem to find any before pictures however.


getting close to being done

Still sewing, even in the mess

Today the closet was removed and the floors repaired.  Next week Tony and I will be painting and adding custom trim work throughout the room to give it that cottage feel that I love so much.  I have lots of design ideas for this room and a collection of artwork that was my mothers that I'm dying to hang!

This is a shot from the loft looking in.  My poor piano has become a dumping ground for all things crafty.  This loft will be getting a makeover soon too.  New banaster, new flooring, wood plank ceiling, wood tread stairs, new ceiling beams, and a custome reading nook in the dormer window that is to the left of the piano.

My new cutting table!!!!

I know it's a complete mess but if you look closely you can see some potential.....can't you?

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