Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little French Dress for sale.

Sorry it has been so long.  My Classical Conversations community doesn't end for the holidays until next week so it has been a busy time preparing for company, violin and art lessons, and school!  Next week we finish up and I'm ready to spend the month of December creating all the things I plan to give as Christmas gifts this year and enjoying time at home with the kids without the pressure of getting school work done. 

The boys have been busy creating decorations for the Holidays.  They made a couple scarecrows for Thanksgiving and started on bird house ornaments with daddy today.  They turned out really cute.  They have a tree in their room this year and I'm a little jealous of how nice it's looking filled with handmade ornaments.  I'll post pics soon........

Yep, that's my Mason.  It took lots of bribery to make this happen but I needed to check my sizing on someone! 

He ended up making the best of it and did a little modeling for me.  They are never going to forgive me for this when they get older!  Nate had to try on a few as well.......hehe....

I've also decided to sell a few French dresses this month.  I need to clear out some fabric to make room for new fabric and I'm raising money for a program to help me make more professional sewing patterns so I can share this super cute pattern I created with everyone.  The sizes I will be selling will be 12months to 6-7.  They will most likely be one of a kind since I'm creating from my stash and all the fabric will be designer quilt fabric.  Nothing from Joanne's or other discount fabric stores.  I will post more soon!  I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! Pin It

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