Friday, March 1, 2013

Clean food, organic living, real food, whole foods......what ever you call it, we are doing it!

Every month we work towards a simpler life.  One where we can self sustain, at least a little, and rely less on the outside world and more on each other.  I don't have a written check list of what we want to do each month but I have a mental check list with lots of things and as opportunities arise that fit the need I take them.  It's cold right now.  Not blistery snow cold but cold enough that I can visit my garden daily only to find that it's the same as the day before.  My plants are patiently waiting for spring while I impatiently stare and pace.
apple sauce

Wilting spinach salad become frittata

The cold front has left me available for other projects and recently I have decided that it's time to go "all in" in regards to food.  I have no idea what to call it.  It seems there is a different name every time I research the topic.  Real food, clean food, organic living, whole foods.....  It's all so confusing.  Our eating habits have been good for a long time but I was still relying on boxed goods and processed breads to provide nourishment for my family.  Organic boxed goods, but still with a list of ingredients that I can't pronounce and more than I can count on one hand.  Now I'm having a go at saying NO to all processed foods.  This doesn't mean that we will never enjoy eating out on occasion or cupcakes at a party but the majority of the food we consume will be unprocessed.  It's been just over a week so far, so I'm no expert, but I will say that it's drawing me closer to God.  I "get" food more now.  I see Gods plan for how we should nourish our bodies by working with simple, raw foods.  When I'm hungry I can have junk food still but I have to make it from scratch.  That means I must really want that snack and by the time I'm done I've earned it.  It's not easy, it's valuable.

I have also snuck in some simple sewing projects lately.  I'm up-cycling old t-shirts and tanks into cute dresses.  There are several tutorials out there on how to do this but not one with my cute ruffled waist band.  I'm hoping to post the tutorial this weekend while it's cold and my garden is busy NOT growing. 

Happy baking, growing, sewing, and hopefully loving life!

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