Friday, March 8, 2013

Tank top to dress tutorial with ruffled waist.

Click photo to access tutorial
This is one of my new favorite dresses to wear!  I've made 3 dresses for me so far using this pattern I came up with and absolutely love them all!  There are a few reasons this style dress is my favorite.  1st, you can recycle old tanks and tees that may no longer be long enough to cover the mid-waist or have stains on the bottom.  You can also used recycled curtains, sheets, or table cloths for the skirt. 2nd, It's super comfy!  These dresses are now my go-to house dress because I can clean, garden, and do house work in them and still look presentable if someone comes to the door or if I have to run the kids to violin or art class.  3rd, Once you get the hang of the waistband they are super easy to make!

The tank top for this one was an old tank from the dresser and the fabric for the skirt is 100% organic cotton but I don't remember from where!  I purchased it online and did the happy dance when it arrived but then it sat in the fabric staff for several months and now the details have long left my memory.  The excitement of this natural fabric and earthy pattern have not however. 

This is another one of the dress styles I made.  These photos are from our Classical Conversations group taken by a friend.  I decided to go matchy matchy with Madeline.  With this one I shortened the width of the waist to give it a more formal fitted look. 

 Click the top photo to see the tutorial and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! 

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Cute idea! Reminds me of a time I made a set of matching dresses for my girls and a skirt for me out of old bedsheets. I love reusing fabric and old clothes like this.

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