Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sewing in memory of Kathreen from Whipup

Saturday I was browsing all my favorite blogs in search of something to make 2 sweet little twin girls for their 3rd birthday when I came across the tragic news that Kathreen, founder of Whipup, and her partner Rob were killed in a car accident while vacationing in Australia with their 2 children.  You can read about it here. 

I was so saddened by this news.  I don't know the family personally but in this crafty blog world we share it can feel personal at times.  We share about our lives and our families and feel touched and inspired when we come in contact with one another.  There is a fund set up to help the children if you want to help.   You can also purchase one, or several, of the amazing down loadable magazines for sale on Kathreen's site.  I purchased one today and it was automatically e-mailed to me.  I highly recommend heading over and checking out the magazines!  There are science ideas, handicrafts, gardening, cooking, and many more.  My kids love to browse these for ideas when they are feeling crafty.  I do too!  Whipup Shop

For the birthday gifts I decided to use a tutorial from Whipup.  How to make a chef's hat.

They turned out super cute!

I added elastic since I couldn't measure their heads.

And we are no longer amused.

Thank you Kathreen . Your family is in our prayers....

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  1. The pictures don't even do the aprons and hats justice...they are precious. Thank you so much Steffanie for making such special gifts for my girls. :)


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