Friday, September 19, 2014

Purl Soho

Purl Soho.  Ah, Purl Soho.  When my husband invited me to join him on a business trip to New York City my first thought was Purl Soho.  Wow have times changed since my previous trips to New York City but that is what motherhood and maturity will do to a women. 

Liberty Fabric Wall

For me this trip was about enjoying some much needed alone time with my husband, long walks through Central Park and Purl Soho.  I had no interest in perusing the endless shops of New York City but instead wanted to get my hands on some of the soft textiles that can not be found in this lovely city in which I live but are available in abundance in this quaint store. 


When we landed it started to snow.  Then it snowed and snowed and snowed some more!  Those long walks through Central Park ended up being a quick hop out of a cab for a picture and a blistery moment taking in the beauty of the still white wilderness. 

For some the temperatures below 10 with wind chills below zero would have ruined their trip but for me it made it all the more majestic.  I have been to New York City many times but to see it when the streets were nearly abandoned of cars and people was surreal.  We stayed in Times Square and it was almost impossible to find a taxi at times.  I found out later from one of the taxi drivers that they all stayed home because they didn't know how the new Mayor was going to handle clearing the roads. 

So here it is 8 months later and I am embracing the warm and cozy feeling that comes with knitting as the seasons change, thankful to have my hands on some of the lovely yarn that I purchased that day.   A great reminder of that special break from our day to day routine.  Oh, how these photos of Purl Soto inspire me!

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