Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Plant Terrarium With Tropical Exotics.

I have recently found a new passion!  It's no secret that I love plants but surprisingly I have very few of them that I allow inside our home.  I will do seasonal plants throughout the year but will eventually place them outside in the garden.  The reason is I haven't found many that match the look I'm going for with our décor.  The family and I recently took a trip to Deland, FL to look for antiques and a friend recommended we take a visit to EFG Orchids.  What a treat!  I could have spent hours inside this family owned green house full of tropical exotics and orchids. I have now found many species that would look amazing inside our home.  Many of these plants are good for air purification and removing toxins inside the home which is another benefit aside from their amazing beauty.  I was only able to snap 2 photos with my phone before the battery died.

I could only bring a few treats home on this trip so I decided to get the largest variety I could with my small budget.  I chose the tiniest plants they had with the plan of using this terrarium I have had tucked in the closet for years.  All of these plants are easy to propagate so it gives me a good base of tropical exotics to start my collection.  I chose Miracle Grow potting mix with equal parts Peat Moss mixed together and filled my terrarium with the soil mixture to approximately 5" high.  I then added my plants to the design I felt looked attractive.  I also added an orchid that I have had for 7 years that I'm hoping will come back to life and a small orchid that I rescued from the Lowes clearance rack for $1.00.  Once my plants were in place I covered the exposed soil with a few varieties of dried moss.  The orchids are attached to wood chips and I added a few rocks to help hold in moisture. 

  Here is the list of plants I chose for my terrarium going from left to right and top to bottom:

Top left I don't have the name.
Goldfish plant.
Pink Lady Orchid.
Ming Aralia.
Birds nest Fern.
Dwarf Caladium.
Baby Tears.
Fittonia white vein.
Fig Vine (This is the tiniest little fig leaf I have ever seen and I haven't been able to find out much about it.)

I originally placed the terrarium on the fireplace hearth temporarily and moved it to this table to take a photo because the fireplace lighting was poor.  I had no intentions of it staying on the fireplace or this table but later in the evening Tony asked me where the terrarium went and when I came back in the room I found it back on the hearth.  It seems this little terrarium has made a big impression on the hubby so for now it will stay on the hearth where he can enjoy it's beauty. 

I hope the fall season is bringing you much inspiration and creativity!

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