Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decoupage for the boy tutorial

I'm so excited to finally start projects to decorate the boys room!  My boys share a room which is so much fun but I want to give them their individual space so I came up with this idea of decoupage wooden letters to spell out their names.  I love the way they turned out!  They are all boy!  I haven't put the boys furniture together yet so I can't show you how they look in the room but soon I hope!!!

I painted the sides of Nates blue first and then added touches of red and for Mason's I used brown paint. 

I found the wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and they were priced .99-2.99.  The craft paper was also from Hobby Lobby.  It was part of a All About Boys Stack.  I choose these papers because they reminded me so much of my boys.

Working from left to right. 

They are bright, all about the whack, clunk, and zlonk, colorful, a bit robotic, stars in my eyes, all about gears and gadgets, puzzling, and simply sweet. 

Here is a tutorial.   I hope you enjoy!

What you will need:

  • Wooden letters
  • Craft paper
  • Mod Podge
  • 2 Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Sand paper
  • Paint
  • Double sided tape

Step 1:

Choose the papers you want to go on each letter and then trace your letter onto the paper. It doesn't have to be perfect because you will be sanding the edges later. 

Note:  Make sure if you are tracing your letter on the wrong side of the paper that you put the letter backwards so when the paper is flipped the letter will be facing the right way.  I learned that the hard way:)

Step 2:  Cut out letters.

Step 3:  Paint mod podge on your first wood letter. 

Step 4:  Paint mod podge on the back of the cut out paper of your first letter.  Place your cut out paper on top of the wooden letter and paint mod podge over the top.  Don't be shy with the mod podge just make sure you wipe off any lines!  Trim off any paper that is hanging over the edge.  Repeat with all other letters. 

Note:  A little trick I do is paint water on the back of the paper before adding mod podge.  I found this eliminates any bubble issues and helps the mod podge seep in better.

Step 5:  After the mod podge has dried you will litely sand all the edges.  Make sure there is no paper left hanging over the edges and you don't have to sand much.  The goal is to give it a finished look so it's not noticeable that there is paper on top.

Step 6:  Now you can start to paint.  The number of colors is optional.  First paint any sides that are going to show and then stroke a few brush strokes over the front.  If it's to much you can wipe it with a dry paper towel.  If you make a mistake you can use a wet paper towel and start over.  If using more than one color make sure that you wait until it is completely dry before adding your second color. 

Brush paint from the side across the front

Step 7:   After the paint is completely dry add a top coat of mod podge over the front of the letter and all sides that will be showing.

Step 8:  Add your double sided tape.

Hang and enjoy!

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  1. So doing this! Thanks for the great tutorial. Can't wait to whisk my lad off to the craft store to gather supplies. He will love this project! Thanks again!

  2. I think I'll use some fabric that matches my other decorations in my daughters room to do this. Thank you so much for the tutorial!


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