Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrinkle release recipe tutorial

I wanted to share something wonderful that my mother taught me when she was alive.  She was a domestic diva.  A beautiful women that lived for family traditions and home making.  When I was in collage, long before the magic Downy wrinkle release came on the market, she taught me how to avoid having to ever use the iron by this simple little recipe.

Wrinkle release recipe:

1 Tablespoon liquid fabric softener
14 oz water

That's it!

I actually forgot all about this formula until I bought Downy's version at the store and when it ran out I couldn't bring myself to spend another $4.00 on a small bottle.  I like to use lots of this wonderful stuff and avoid ironing completely!  That's when I remembered my mother's words.  If only I would have had the insight to take note of all the other amazing things that lived in her head.  She was also an artist and I have a beautiful collection of art work from her and some of her friends that I will show you soon.  I haven't picked the perfect spot in our new home to put them up yet.

So here is a pile of new fabric that I hope will soon be a simple but super comfy quilt!

It's more Amy Butler fabric and the teal is actually a thick knit with chenille!  It's awesome!  I use very earth tone colors in my house and love all of our beds to be in white.  Boring but beautiful.  I'm hoping this will turn out to be a very cottage feeling quilt that I can put at the end of the bed to add a pop of color.  I have a few ideas.  I just hope they work out!  This is our guest bedroom bed. 

My brother in law and his wife are coming tomorrow and I'm so excited to spend time with them!  The rooms not done but my wonderful mother in law offered to paint the room and I splurged on some new Rachel Ashwell Shabby chic bedding from Target.  I actually saw this bedding in this months Country Living magazine and it was $90.00 for the set which I thought was very reasonable considering how great it looks!  I need to use some of that magic wrinkle release on it however.  I did get out a lot of the wrinkles but the kids couldn't resist jumping on the freshly made bed.  The new wall color is Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore.  It looks a lot darker in this photo than in person because the lighting was bad.  It's a very pale taupe and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!  My mother in law is the best!  

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