Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tee for Two Turned Romper

Remember the Tee for Two pattern by Figgy's? 

I did a post about one I made for Nate here.  I had some of the knit skull fabric left over from that project so I decided to try and turn the tee into a romper as a baby gift for a friends little boy.  I will be making this my go to baby boy gift from now on!  It's so easy to make!

I used one of Madeline's long pant rompers to make the pattern and I used the 12 month tee for two pattern size for the top.  It will barely fit Madeline who is a healthy 5 month old so I would say this would best fit a 3-4 month old.  The tee for two pattern runs a little small anyway.  I love the flare in the pant legs.  How hip is my friends little boy going to look sporting this outfit!

I added snaps around the legs to make diaper changing easy and the neck on these shirts is super stretchy so there was no need for any alterations of the top.  I think the best part is this is a raw-edged raglan so the seams are on the outside and there is no finishing required on the cuffs.  It makes this look super hip, super comfy, and saves LOTS of time!  

Do you think my friends going to like it?      Pin It


  1. really cute! And I love the bedding in the last post!

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  3. Brilliant!
    I love this skull fabric! Where did you find it?

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