Monday, April 11, 2011


Today we danced to praise music, played with our newest pet, and cleaned the house in preparation for company. 

About a month ago my crazy kids started swimming in our pool and found this little guy swimming with them.  He's bigger now than when we found him if you can believe that.  He must have hatched and took a wrong turn.  The plan was to keep him 2 weeks or so and learn about turtles but now we have become attached.

 We also received our free Celebrate Urban birds kit from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  It comes with a beautiful poster and pamphlet with lots of bird facts and if you live in an urban area you can participate by bird watching yourself and reporting back the data you collected.  How fun is that for the kiddos!  We are in a more rural area so we won't be collecting data to send but we will be collecting our own data.  I also love how The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has incorporated art into their study.  You should check out the site!

And just in case you forgot;)

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