Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ruffle knit dress

It has been a crazy week!  We've had 25 guests over the past week and it has been so much fun but I'm in a total panic over Easter.  I have the fabric for Madeline's dress and the design in mind but I decided since I'm using silk, which was a bit pricey, I better practice first.

This dress looks nothing like her Easter dress is going to look but the Easter dress will have 3 tiered ruffles.
The knit bodice with heavy ruffle skirt turned out to be a bad idea.  I wanted to play around with some tiny knit ideas I've had in my head as well as test the ruffles so I went for it.  The knit top design I love!  I can take that in all kinds of directions after I do a little tweaking to the size and shape.  Maybe even a tutorial;) 

The ruffles still need some work.  I think I've figured out how to get it right or at least I hope I have because there is no more time to practice!    The dress, even with is flaws, is actually really cute on her and I've found myself tossing it into every wash load so she can wear it again.  I think it's the knit top that makes this outfit the one I want to grab everytime.  It's so easy to put on and perfect for our pre-summer weather. 

That's it for now.  I will give you some details on how to make ruffled slips after I finish her Easter dress. 
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  1. It looks really cute the way it is! She's so adorable! But for your next go, I'd use more fabric for the tiers (longways), so that you can gather them more for more ruffling. I think it would lay better...

    Will miss seeing you this morning. Your last week sounds like it was hectic to say the least!!


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