Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simple Skirt and Knit Shirt

Here is an outfit I whipped up to wear to to co-op today.  I was visiting MADE and saw she had a tutorial for simple skirts.  I thought that would be perfect for our Sew Smart sewing class at homeschool co-op.  I was nervous to make one for myself.  The elastic style on us grown ladies can be not so flattering at times but I really wanted to wear one to show them in person.   It actually turned out really cute!  It is comfortable and I felt like Gidget all day!  The skirt fabric is 100% organic cotton from the Beyond the Sea line by Coud9Fabrics.

I didn't have a top to match that style skirt so I whipped up this white knit top using  KWIK SEW 3844 pattern.  Talk about a super easy outfit.  It took about 2 hours for the shirt since it was my first time and the skirt came together in 30 minutes.  I highly recommend this knit top pattern!  I messed up the bottom hem a little and it is rolling up which I don't like but besides that it is super cute and comfy!  It also has a very practical fit but is still flattering.  I wore a cardigan with it during the day for a dressier look then went running in it later that evening.  Do you hear what I'm saying ladies?  LESS LAUNDRY!

Do you want to see what that room really looks like?

Ahh!  We have company coming on Monday to stay in this room for the next 2 weeks!  Wish me luck;) Pin It

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  1. Your skirt turned out really cute. I saw Dana's tutorial for this and was thinking of trying it out. I've done her Market skirt for my girls and the instructions were so clear. What a great idea to make a matching shirt too!



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