Monday, October 17, 2011

Cottage Fireplace Make Over.

I wanted to show you what my amazing decorator has come up with to fix the massive 1980's cedar fireplace. I originally posted here that I was planning to distress paint the fireplace and have a rustic beam mantel put in. I tried every color and style I could think of and nothing looked good!!! I finally gave up and called in reinforcement. One look and she came up with this. She is amazing!!

 Here it is now. 

We are still working on some changes.  I want to get rid of the cedar paneling all together and go with a more up to day paneling along the front.  It just amazes me how the drywall makes the top of the fireplace vanish!  You can see how they did it in this photo below.  We have a long way to go with the house but this will make a huge difference!  It's so big and right in the center of our home.  I can't wait however for the kids to warm up next to a cozy fire and roast marsh mellows.  Even if it still unfinished. 

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