Friday, October 7, 2011

Home School Days

We don't always do what's planned but we learn.  I say "we" because as we move through our first official homeschool year I'm learning that some days just need to be different.  Yes, there is work that needs to be done but sometimes we all need a day to just enjoy God's glory.  We didn't complete anything on our list today but we did go exploring in the backyard.

We played with our kittens.  We got these two at the pound 2 months ago.  The Calico is Chopper and the black cat is Diesel.  After Diesel trains of course.  Diesel is the girl.

We read good books and did unplanned crafts.

The homeschool library is still not complete but getting closer.

Used tools just for fun.

These are the days I love most! Pin It

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  1. Wow this is really inspiring! Looks like a real childhood to me. Good on you for going for it!


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