Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handmade and recycled Christmas

As a family we are working to find ways to consume less and produce more.  I struggle with this because even though I'm not a big shopper I like nice things.  That's why I'm so thankful God gave us Craiglist!  We did a great job this year buying used and refurbishing and making home-made gifts.  I made 18 aprons, 1 clutch, a dress for my niece, and a cleaning tote for Christmas gifts.  Here is how the boys aprons turned out.

The boys and Tony made 6 bird houses to give out as gifts.  Nate made the 2nd one with scraps off the floor and glued each piece together without any help.  He's so amazing!!!  I still can't believe my 5 year old not only came up with the design but was patient enough to glue each piece on and wait for it to dry before moving onto the next part.  It took him 4 days!  The last bird house is something my hubby is working on now.  It still needs a roof.  I just love how he used old trees and things from the yard.  Who knew my hubby was so creative!

We found our big gifts on Craigslist.  This swing set/ play house is 9 years old and was in bad shape when we got it.  The hubby worked for 3 days rebuilding it with the help of my wonderful father-in-law and after a good pressure washing it looks perfect.  I love how the top is an actual tree house.  It will be a great place for the kids to camp out when they get older. 

The kayak was a surprise for me and was also a Craigslist rescue.  I couldn't wait to get out on the water Christmas morning!

Now we are planning out the organic gardens and chicken coop.  I know we are a long way from homesteading but a little goes a long way and makes for such a great family life!  Pin It

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