Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just Say No!

Every year I make the same mistake.  I start off shopping for Christmas with a clear head.  I buy the kids each a game, some science experiments and puzzles we can use for school fun, 1 or 2 toys that I know will excite them or that special thing they have been asking for and then I make them something special.  Unfortunately as Christmas Eve rolls near I start to second guess what I got.  "Is is enough?"  "Will they be disappointed?"  I end up making the mistake of purchasing an electronic game of some sort knowing that will surely make their day.  I regret that decision the day after Christmas and ultimately end up getting rid of the item.  I was talking with a friend yesterday and started to do it again!

We made the decision as a family that we would do little to no TV and video games.  The thing I don't want however is for my kids to know we made this decision.  I never want them to think these things aren't allowed, especially video games, because I don't want them to desire and wish for them.  The approach we have taken is to just be busy and productive and don't bring it up.  It amazes me how little kids actually want to watch TV and play video games when their minds are stimulated in other ways!  It's when I want to turn off that they end up in front of the TV!  Nate the other day told me his favorite thing to do was play video games.  It took my breath away, especially since it had been well over 2 months since he had played.  He asked if he could play his game on the ipad so I gave him a 10 minute time limit and let him play.  He didn't even finish the 10 minutes.  I came to check on him and the ipad was on the table and he was out in the yard playing.  The further away from it we get the less exciting it seems to be. 

This year I'm saying NO!  No we don't need more and we don't need electronic games and DVDs!  What we do need is to spend our days together being creative and giving thanks to God for all we have. 



Tools and a creative mind

It's a marshmallow shooter

Nature and a daddy with strong arms

An extra pair of gloves for when we don't want to wear shoes

Sweet kitty cats and baby smiles

A great climbing tree and fresh squeezed juice

These are the real gifts. 

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  1. Love it all! Such cute photos of everyone! I see you made your own marshmallow shooter!


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