Thursday, October 14, 2010

Antique Brass Clasp Clutch Purse

For the next couple of days I will be unable to sew while I get my new sewing space in order.  We just recently sold our house.  Yes, we were one of the lucky few and we are renting until we find what we are looking for.  I've been in the market for a sewing desk for awhile so I'm so excited to get everything organized.  I will post a photo when it's put together. 

For now I thought I would just show some photos of clutches I've made in the past.  I'm going to be offering my clutch pattern and supplies next month for anyone who is interested in making their own clutch.  They make fantastic Christmas gifts!  I was originally making these and selling them to raise funds for the adoption of our baby girl Madeline.  She is here now so I no longer have time to make large quantities to sell to local boutiques.  I will have new designs I come up with on Etsy from time to time but I'm hoping that you will want to make your own.  I'm so excited to see what other designs will be created!

Here are a few of my favorites. 

This one is made out of a Japanese double guaze fabric and I hand beaded the berries.

This one is a light green burlap and I machine embroidered a large dragonfly on one side and a smaller on the opposite.  It looks really cool in person.

This one is 100% silk and was inspired by a bride to be. 

This clutch is also 100% silk.  It was made out of a dress from Anthropologie.  I made this for my best friend over a year ago and she still carries it everyday.  It's holding up great for silk.

This clutch is sea grass on top and a japanese cotton fabric on the botton.  I love the idea of working sea grass into the design.  It looks really unique.  I just haven't come up with the perfect design yet.  Hopefully soon!

Thank you for looking and please leave feedback!  I love to hear from you. Pin It


  1. I am so impressed with your clutches! They're gorgeous!


  2. I really like your clutches! You can't find such original work up here in Canada.


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