Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Dress in Linen

Ok, I love my girl in blue too!  I promise I have more boy projects and home projects that I'm working on it's just my little one is growing so fast that by the time I get to the laundry she has already out grown her clothes.  Maybe I should be doing laundry instead of sewing and blogging?!?  Anyway, it' a good thing.  Madeline was only 5lb 6oz at birth so it's really nice to see some meat on her bones!  She is actually our adopted baby and it is an open adoption so you will see lots of projects that we do for her biological big sis who is 6.    

This dress was made from a pattern from i think sew.  It is baby dress in linen.  It's super easy and everyone seems to love the finished product.  I've made several as baby shower gifts.  Here is one I made for Madeline.  

I used white linen for the body and the accent fabric is Sandy Klop for moda.  I cut a 2" strip of fabric the length of the body of the dress and folded over the sides 1/4" and ironed.  I then pinned it to the middle of the dress and top stitched each side 1/8".  For the ruffle in the middle I took a 1" strip of fabric 3X the length of the body of the dress  folded right sides together and stitched.  I then turned it right side out by attaching a safety pin to one end and pushing it through.  After I ironed it flat I put a baste stitch down the middle, pulled one of the free ends to bunch and pinned it in place.  I pulled out my baste stitch after I had sewn my ruffle to the dress.  I'm guessing there is an easier way then pulling it out after I have put another stitch on top but that was all I could think of to keep my ruffle in place.  Here is how it turned out. 

 For the bloomers I used a pattern from Amy Butler's little stitches for little ones.  It's a really fun book that will guarantee you have the best baby shower gift at the party. 

So this photo doesn't do the dress justice.  Sorry, I wasn't thinking blog photo when I took this.  I was just thinking I had to get a photo of that cute little grumpy face and as my husband likes to call it "Rock Star Hair".

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