Friday, February 11, 2011

Clutch Winners!!!

Congratulations Leia and Michelle!

(Michelle, please e-mail me!  Your profiles not available in blogger:)

Thank you for all of the comments!!  It was fun hearing all of your responses!  Obviously it was Vegas and our trip was a blast!

The highlight of the trip was meeting Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars!  I don't watch TV much on my own but the hubby really enjoys when I spend time with him instead of pounding away at the sewing machine and Pawn Stars is one of the shows he likes that has really grown on me.  I had wanted to go to the shop but we ended up seeing Rick Harrison at the Venetian.  Awesome!!!  He's a really nice guy!  Here's a clip if your not familiar with the show.  It plays on the History channel.

The hubby took this photo and looked just as giddy on the other end of the lens. 

Here are some of my other favorite shots. 

Start saving the kids Legos ladies!  This Lego chair goes for $71,000.  WOW!

I love these umbrellas!!!  Ruffles rule!

Did you catch the 2 Elvis in this photo?  Obviously in the later years...

You can purchase this chair for around $11,000.  The only catch is it comes as a cube with a mallet and you have to beat your own seat into shape.  Hmmmmmm.

 This light is just cool and beautiful!

Thanks for having a little fun with me!  I have a Easter clutch giveaway coming up soon so stay close! 

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  1. those ruffle umbrellas are so cool!

  2. I'm so mad I missed a giveaway of yours! :)


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