Monday, February 7, 2011

Something's Gotta Give (with my house)

Have you seen the movie Something's Gotta Give?  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, it!  Not because of the movie, although that part is great too, but because of the house!  That is my color palette.  Even before the movie came out I had painted my house almost identical colors and had a few of the lamps, photos, and a chair.  Let me go ahead and disclose that my house was a quarter of the size and no where near as beautiful but I had the color palette right:) 

Unfortunately even though our last house was almost completely decorated it feels like we are starting over in our new home.  Nothing is working!  We are in the "make a disaster before it gets better" phase and I have to say I was feeling totally discouraged until today.  When we decorated our last house we didn't have children and I had a great job.  I was a medical sales representative for an orthopedic company for 6 years before retiring into mother hood/homeschool teacher.  Now the budget ain't so great!  Starting over with taste that matches the movie and very little funds is not working really well.

So what I found today was this great site.  Dash and Albert

Remember these blue stripped rugs? 

Here they are for less than you can buy a rug at Home Depot!


Here's the one I have my eye on!  It's a beauty.


So my house won't be looking like this anytime soon but I do feel optimistic that with some hard internet searching I can get the look for less!

Remember these slip covered chairs from the movie?

Those fantastic slipcovers are made from the z-Bordeaux Toile collection from Lee Jofa.   That would be an easy makeover for some garage sale finds. 

Several of the chandeliers and lamps are by Visual comfort and can be found here.  Although this movie is older and I've noticed the styles have changed a little.

The glass lamps that sit next to her bed that you can barely see are by Simon Pearce.  The shades were upgraded to a silk pleated shade.  These will definetely break the budget but I bet there is a nockoff somewhere!


There are a few more Simon Pearce pieces on this table.  I see similiar pieces at TJ Maxx all the time.


So now you know my secret.  I can't remember anything I learned in collage but I can spot an item from this movie a mile away and remember it for years it seems.  I guess my subconscious mind hopes that if I remember them then someday I can have them?!?  Not Likely!

Sorry for the blog ramble.  I've got house decorating on the mind.  Pin It

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  1. Oh, I love that movie, too! Once your house looks like that, are you going to start dressing in white turtlenecks all the time? See ya tomorrow!


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