Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine Clutch Giveaway

Guess where we have been and win this clutch!

You can read more about this clutch HERE

Here's how it works:

Look at the photos I took and leave a comment telling me where you think we were.  I will do random selection if more than one of you get it right.  The old name in the hat method.  I don't have one of the fancy random selectors on my blog yet:)  I will be giving 2 of these away!  The first person to get it right will get one without random selection so hurry up and comment!
Contest ends on Wednesday at midnight.

Good luck and I know you won't be disappointed!  This clutch is really beautiful in person!

Here are the photos:  Oh, and it's not NY City. 

look closely;)

These are NOT indiginous plants. 

Fountains everywhere

This TV star lives there!

It was a fun trip! Pin It


  1. my college town, i mean, city, LV!

  2. Easy peasy! Las Vegas - of course!!

  3. Of course Vegas! I would be ashamed to not get it since I live here!

  4. Las Vegas! Pawn Stars star gave it away(my husband is addicted). Fantastic clutch. I love it. kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  5. vegas! i have to admit, i thought it was paris at first :) but the m&m factory gave it away.
    HOW FUN!! how can i get me a night out with just my husband and i - is there a giveaway for that ;)
    and i love, love, love (did i mention love?) that clutch!

  6. The fifth photo down is where Jason and I got engaged! Remind me to tell you something about our local shop next time I see you...

  7. Looks like Las Vegas to me...and I LOVE the show the Pawn Stars! Thanks for the great giveaway! bufordkyle at hotmail dot com

  8. Vegas! My husband loves Pawn Stars, and I love that clutch!

  9. Vegas BABY!!!! Ok, so I know I already scored one of your clutches, but I MUST have this one too :) SO GORGEOUS. I love the fabric and love the other one you sent! Pick me please :)

  10. Vegas !! But too late to be the first one.. Still rest the random selection. I cross my fingers because this clutch is really beautiful !!

  11. Las Vegas. I am also too late to be the first but hopefully in time for the random selection.
    I used the link from "Made By Rae" so this is the first time I visit your blog. The clutch is lovely! I am looking forward to follow your blog...


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