Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Cards

Here is what we will be making this Thursday in co-op.  We are a member of a fantastic co-op group for homeschooling families and on Thursdays I get to spend an hour with the sweetest girls helping them learn to sew.  The class is called Sew Smart.  How fun is that!

I hoped over to MADE today and saw these cute Valentine note cards Dana made last year.  I thought it was a perfect idea for a Valentine sewing craft for the group this week. 

Here are the one's I created.  I embellished a little and made a pocket for treats and hair barrettes.  It's just not a Valentine without a special surprise!

I have to admit these were fun to make!  I never take the time to just play around with my machine and try fun quilting stitches.  Pulling out the scrap basket and creating what came to mind without caring if I made a mistake was AWESOME!  These are great for practicing stitches, learning how to ruffle, and having fun with embellishing!

To make the pocket you leave about a 1.5" opening in the top of your heart.  You will want to use Fray Check along the unfinished edge to make sure your fabric doesn't unravel.  When you have finished your card you will take a treat and wrap it in a small piece of toile or fabric and tuck inside the heart.  I didn't have a single treat in the house to show you this.  How sad is that!  My poor children! 

That's it!  You have a fun handmade Valentine card to tell someone how much you care. 

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  1. super cute and creative!
    i had to pass this one along to my sis-in-law.
    the school her children go to don't allow any types of treats for v-day, so she will esp. like the idea of the attaching a barrette to the card (i for sure did)!


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