Monday, November 29, 2010

Ballerina Bags

I've finally started sewing for Christmas!  My wonderful husband kept the kids busy all day Saturday so I could sew, sew, sew.  I had huge plans!  I was going to whip out 6 of these ballerina bags for all of the precious ballerinas in our lives and create a farm house doll for Madeline with a pattern to post.  Yea right!  I finished 3 of these bags.  I'm not sure why it took so long.  Maybe the lifetime television in the background or the distraction of peace and quiet!  The pattern is from California Seaming.  It's an easy to follow pattern.  I added a heavy interfacing to give the bags more stability.  I wanted to make sure they could hold those cute dance shoes. 

The fabric for most of these is Amy Butler.  I believe the lining is Heather Bailey.  I've had these fabrics forever so I'm not even sure anymore.  Now that I see them in the photos I wish I would have lined up the fabric a little better.

The seam ripper got a good workout on this one!  I made it for Madeline.   I thought this would make an adorable diaper bag for church!  I completely lost my mind during this one however.  I'm blaming hormones!  I forgot to add straps, sewed it inside out twice and forgot to add the bow.  I have 2 more of these bags to make but I think I will be taking a break first!

This is one of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics.  At least I think it's Amy Butler.  I bought it on Ebay for $5.00 a yard! 

Every time I look at this door I picture giggling girls dancing on their toes.  What a great mental image!  I'm going to miss these bags when they go.


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