Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Happy Halloween

I have to say that I cut a few corners this Halloween.  The cupcakes went unmade, the pumpkin seeds didn't get roasted until this morning, and most of the decorations stayed packed away.  The photos also turned out terrible!  I'm having some technical issues with a new camera.  In my defense, my 2 year old son fell over the weekend and his front tooth was completely impacted into his gum.  He is fine now and the dentist said it should come back down over time but between that and our 2 month old who wants to be held and nurse all day there is just no time.  We did however have a great time and everyone was dressed in a costume for at least the first 15 minutes. 

Nate was obviously a steam engine.  I made this by shaping card board boxes and tapping them together.  Then I spray painted it black.  He loved it!  I added a light from the dollar store to the front, kept the top roof open so it would hold his candy bucket, and the steam stack has a hole through the body of the engine so Nate could use a bubble gun on the inside and have bubbles come out the steam stack.  I wish I had photos!!!

Mason was an astronaut.  My mother in law saved the day and offered to make his costume.  It turned out so cute.  She made air tanks out of 2 water bottles that were spray painted black and put them on the back with velcro.  The boys thought they were rocket boosters.   This one has been worn everyday since just for fun.

And poor Madeline was a mummy.  Don't be fooled by this very content face.  She wanted to be in bed and was a screaming mummy the whole night.  She was suppose to be Pebbles from the Flintstones.  I had the cutest costume worked out but then I was afraid it would be to cold so I started ripping strips of muslin about 10minutes before we walked out the door.  She looked really cute as a mummy but Pebbles would have stole the show.  I guess there is always next year to get the costumes perfect and the decorations unpacked and the cupcakes decorated.  I'm just glad they had fun!
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  1. Nate's costume is awesome!! What a great idea-making a spot for his candy and using a bubble gun!


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