Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Card Book Tutorial

OK ladies and gentlemen, this is for all of you who love to get Christmas cards but don't like to have them displayed all over the house.  In our house the kids end up turning them into some sort of weapon and they are scattered about by the end of the day.  That is what inspired me to create the Christmas card book. 

This is a super easy tutorial and my favorite part about this project is you can bring it out next year as decoration for the table and see all of the sweet notes and photos from years past.  I embellished mine with the year and Joy because that is what these card bring me.

Here is what you will need: 

1/2 a fat quarter.
1 piece of felt (9X12").
felt scraps for embellishing.
medium to heavy weight interfacing.  (This is optional.  The book will just be a little more flimsy without it).
Jute packing twine.

Step 1:

Use your felt as your pattern and cut out a 9X12" piece of fabric for the top and a 9X12" piece of interfacing.

Step 2:
Iron interfacing to top fabric.

Step 3:

Add you embellishments to the top fabric.

Step 4:

Prepare and Attach ties.  Cut 2,  9" long jute strands.  Determine where you want your ties to be and sew jute to edge using 1/4" seam allowance and leaving about a inch off the other end.  Repeat on other side.

Step 5:

Put your twine ties towards the middle of your book on the right side of fabric and place felt on top.  With right sides together stitch 1/2" seam allowance starting at the bottom about 4" from the edge and stitching all the way around leaving a 3" opening for turning fabric right side out.  Make sure you back stitch a few times when you start and finish. 

Step 6:

Turn right side out and iron flat.  Make sure you push out the corners really well.  Tuck in open ends to match seam and iron.  Top stitch 1/8" around entire book.

Step 7: 

Cut 20 or so strands about 27" long each.   Twist them in the middle a few times until they are nice and firm. With the ends even attach twisted jute to the top of your book spine following your top stitch line.

Twist it again and do the same for the bottom.  Make sure your twine lies flat along the spine of the book and you are not pulling it to tight.  That will distort the shape of your book.  To finish start at the top of the spine and stitch down the middle of the twine to the bottom.

Note: You may need to make you book a little bigger if you want it to hold more than 20 cards.

Step 8:  Start adding your cards.

For cards that are folded down the middle all you will do is open the card,  find 2 twine ends one on the top and one on the bottom and tie them tightly in the middle of the card.  Start with the twine strands closest to the left.

For photo cards you will punch a small hole on the bottom left and the top left of the photo card then feed the next strain of twine through the holes.  You will want to feed the twine into the front of the picture and out the back so your bow ties in the back.  Tie your bow

Step 9:

To Shut your book before it is full you will just tie your twine loosely then shut your book.  Continue to add cards as they come in.

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  1. LOVE IT. Thanks for the tutorial. I love good tutorials. Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  2. so creative! great idea! I might take a couple years worth and put into an album!

    I used to do a yearly family album and put Christmas pictures of all of our friends in at the end of the year. I am WAY behind.

    This is a cute and hopefully easy solution to get those Christmas cards organized!


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