Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our new house

We closed on our house!  This past April we sold our house after 2 years!  It was a great house but wasn't in an area we wanted to raise the kids.  We moved into a rental so we could take our time looking for a home and then we were matched with Madeline's birth mother and completely lost interest.  We had decided to wait until next year to start looking but we came across a short sale by accident and fell in love!  We made the offer and assumed it would take 6 months because short sales have such a bad reputation but to our surprise we closed in less than 2 months! 

I don't have photos of the house yet.  I want to save them to show you some before and after shots but here are a few shots of the land.  When my husband and I met, everyone teased us that I was a little bit country and he was a little bit rockin roll "Donny and Marie Osmond Classic".  I grew up in a small town known for it's southern ways and the hubby is an Italian born in Buffalo.  The truth is he has always been a "good ol boy".  He is as passionate about fishing as I am about sewing.  I love this photo of him because he looks like he is exactly where he was meant to be.

This is a shot from the doc looking at the new house.  Can you see it?

This is getter closer.  If you look really close you can see the green roof. 

And now a little closer....

This is one of our new pets. 

Don't ask me why?  I guess it's because he can...

My baby girl.  I'm so in love!

A boat that was left behind that my hubby was testing to see if it would still float.  He ended up falling in!  If only I had a free hand to take a photo!

Our other new pet.  It's hard to tell by the photo but he is a rooster and the boys named him Big Daddy. 

And this is my new BFF Alan!  He is taking what used to be dirty, stained, popcorn ceiling and turning into a beautiful clean smooth ceiling.  I thought for a day I was going to do this myself.  It's not hard but with 3 kids, Yea Right!  I'm hoping to do a video tutorial for any of you out there who are in need of a ceiling make over.  I was amazed at how easily this can be done if you have the time. 

And here is "I'm a Little Bit Contry" by the Osmond's.  It was certainly a different time back then.

What do you think? 
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  1. so,so jealous!!! It looks like such a dream!

    And Madeline's hair is gettin longer-she's looking like a little girl!!

  2. Your house looks absolutely lovely. I'm anxious for your photos of the inside and your before and afters. Congrats!


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