Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our White Christmas

I get jealous from time to time of all of you out there who have snow to play in but there are some perks to a Christmas in Florida.  Here is our white Christmas!

Notice the short sleeves!  We don't have snow but we do get to have dinner in the court yard with live music and kids dancing.

Followed by ice cream and a walk through the city.

Nate has had those stickers on his face for 3 days now!  I love his unique character!

Santa even takes a vacation from the cold and comes to visit our winter wonderland. 

And we got our first family photo!

We are so blessed! 
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  1. Beautiful family!! I love the "snow" too. :) Here in TX we do not get much snow either, but last year we got a blizzard that started on Christmas Eve. It was definitely a white Christmas to remember.

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