Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scavenger Boy Bags

I like to make the kids at least one handmade item for Christmas every year but I was really struggling for ideas.  It's hard to create things that the boys will actually like and use!  I was so excited when I finally came up with this idea last night.  Introducing the Scavenger Bags!

So I know they look like simple messenger bags but there is more to them than that!  They have gadgets to hold all those special tools little boys must carry with them at all times and an extra pocket for the acorn stash.  They are also super small so they are great for little boys.

Everyday when we go outside the boys scurry to find treasures in the yard.  They will fill their pockets with acorns and buckets with other treasures.  Sometimes they will even turn their treasures into artwork.  Here is one of the most recent creations.

I'm saving these for Christmas and plan to put new flashlights, nature journals, and shovels in them.  I did a test run however with the treasures Mason found at the new house today.  I think these are going to work out perfectly! 

The fabric is Trefle by Kokka and is a linen cotton blend.  The lining is twill.  Both are thick sturdy fabrics so I didn't worry about adding interfacing.  I wish I had a before picture of the fabric for you!  It had so many cute scenes.  The best is that on both bags you can find the phrase "Lets enjoy everyday with us".  That was a good reminder for me as I was locking the kids out of the sewing room so I could finish this project.  It took less than 3/4 a yard of fabric to complete both bags including the straps. 


So that's it for now.  I have a tutorial made that I will post soon!  We close on the new house tomorrow so you will be seeing a lot of home remodel projects over the next week.  I'm also working on doll clothing for the Pottery barn kids Chloe doll.  I LOVE the dolls they sell at PBKids and had to splurge for my niece.  That's what aunts are for right!?!  I couldn't however bring myself to spend $29.00 on a doll dress! 

Do you know of any good doll clothing tutorials out there?

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  1. You know how much Noah would love this! If I have time before Christmas, maybe I'll whip one up for him! I don't think I have any handmade gifts for my kids this year... I haven't gotten to the rocket ships yet-maybe a rocket for Riley and a bag for Noah...? We'll see!

  2. Do you have enough extra of that fabric that I could buy off you? I don't think I have any good "bag" fabric!

  3. Awesome bags! I love love that fabric.

  4. These are adorable!!! I don't know how large the dolls are...but Liberty Jane has lots of great and even free patterns for 18" dolls. Good luck!

  5. Those bags are super cute! What a great idea for your little boys.

  6. I want to produce the children no much under just one handmade product for xmas just about every yr but i experienced been undoubtedly struggling for ideas. It's difficult to produce components the fact that boys will truly like and use!

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